Six Hours to Go!

The Kickstarter banner for the Nothing Without Us anthology.
WE DID IT! 6 hrs left to go and the Nothing Without Us anthology and all its stretch goals, including an audiobook, an illustrated version, and enhanced author pay, have all been funded! Thanks so much for supporting this own voices project and the disabled authors and publishers trying to change the literary landscape one accurate depiction at a time. If you want to hear more about why this kind of project is so important, check out my author interview where I discuss disability rep, chronic illness narratives, why they both matter, how they impact the real world on a micro and macro level, and why I had to ragequit watching The Flash.

If you want to grab a copy before the Kickstarter ends, now’s your chance. I can’t wait for you all to read my supernatural short, “Search and Seizure”. It’s largely drawn from my own experiences with POTS/EDS/MCAS and the struggle to get diagnosed or access care as a chronically ill woman. And somehow not drawn from the time I actually had an intense out of body experience in a hospital when my bp dropped down to 40/30. Chronic illness life is weird like that.


Do I look sick yet?

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