How to Find Me (And My Work)

If you’d like to read more of Shannon Barnsley’s work, here are a few links to where some of it can be found:


Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves – This winter- and wolf-themed installment in a series of charity anthologies raises money for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. It features an all-ages/middle grade holiday story by Shannon Barnsley that follows two school-age girls from a pagan family in rural New England as they celebrate the Longest Night and the return of the sun.

The Cost of Paper: Volume Three – This anthology from 1888/Black Hill Press features a humorous fantasy short set at Hampshire College by Shannon Barnsley. Available in paperback and online (see online list below).

Wolf Warriors II: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Charity Anthology – The second annual wolf-themed charity anthology to raise money for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition follows on the heels of its predecessor, Wolf Warriors (see below). The anthology features an Urban Fantasy short and a three-part poem by Shannon Barnsley. Available in both paperback and kindle edition.

Beneath Blair Mountain –  A winner of JukePop and 1888’s Summer Writing Project 2015Beneath Blair Mountain was selected for publication by 1888/Black Hill Press. This debut novella blurs historical fiction, horror, and urban fantasy to tell a story of immigration, industrialization, and identity amidst a backdrop of old world horrors and new world ghosts. Available in both paperback and kindle edition.

Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology – This wolf-themed charity anthology features Shannon Barnsley’s poetry, alongside such talents as David Clement-Davies and Catherynne M. Valente. Available in both paperback and kindle edition.


“A Room Apart” – This short story, printed in The Cost of Paper: Volume Three, is available to read for free online, courtesy of 1888.

Beneath Blair Mountain – Set in Appalachia and the underbellies of Boston and New York City, this novella is one part urban fantasy, one part horror, and one part historical fiction. WWI, industrialization, labor movements, and immigration serve as the backdrop for human struggle and supernatural dangers, as one girl from Logan County, West Virginia tries to survive in a world that’s already left her behind. An entry for JukePop and 1888’s Summer Writing Project 2015, Beneath Blair Mountain has since been selected for publication. The final, edited version is available from 1888/Black Hill Press. The rough version remains on JukePop for anyone interested in seeing another stage in the process.

Shannon Barnsley: Turn Ambivalence Into Empowerment Through Poetry” – This article in digital magazine Fabulously Feminist: Art For Social & Eco Justice features two of Shannon’s poems, “I Am of Fire” and “A Willow Weeps for No One”. She also talks ancient epics, the role of women in religion/mythology, and what inspires her work.

Chosen” – This epic fantasy short story deconstructs the hero’s journey narrative/chosen one trope that dominates the genre. It was voted the 2013 Choice Story on Redhead Magazine and is available to read for free on their website.

Bound and Gagged Banned Books Blog – This blog dedicated to exploring censorship and intellectual freedom issues is a labor of love, created and run by Shannon. She has since brought three other talented writers into the fold.

Salt and Iron – The blog you’re already on. Let’s hope you know how to find it by now.


Shannon Barnsley on Speculative Fiction” – A personal essay by Shannon Barnsley on what attracts her to the spec-fic genres, written for the Mariya Suzuki Collection Blog Tour.

Why I Write” – Shannon Barnsley’s personal essay on why she writes, written for the Mariya Suzuki Collection Blog Tour.

Why We Write – Shannon Barnsley” – A personal essay by Shannon Barnsley on why she writes, written for 1888/Black Hill Press’s feature, “Why We Write”.

Live Free and Read: Banned Books Week With Shannon Barnsley of Bound and Gagged Books” – An interview about Banned Books Week, intellectual freedom, and YA fiction.

Routineology – Shannon Barnsley” – A glimpse at Shannon Barnsley’s routine and creative process, plus a reading list of myths and folktales.

The Girls’ Guide to Horror; Full Interview with Shannon Barnsley” – In this interview on Sediment and Scrawl Shannon Barnsley gives her take on women in horror and her enduring love of An American Werewolf in London.


Though a shy forest creature from the wilds of New Hampshire, Shannon is easily approachable, especially with chocolate. You can find or follow her on a variety of social media platforms, including:







Batsignal, semaphore, and the warning beacons of Gondor have also proved effective. If you would like to contact Shannon about her work, her blog, her editing services, or where she was on the night of June 17th, feel free to contact her here or on any of the above platforms. Or on an actual platform as you light the beacons of Gondor. Whatever works.


6 thoughts on “How to Find Me (And My Work)

  1. […] More of my poetry and other non-banned-book thoughts can be found on my personal blog, Salt & Iron, which focuses largely on writing, myth/folk musings, and personal anecdotes about living with invisible/chronic illness. You can also find a list of all of all of the places to find me and my work on the internet here. […]


  2. […] Blair Mountain came to be right here on Salt and Iron. You can just click pretty much anywhere, but here is a good place to […]


  3. […] links to all five blog stops. I have also added the two guest posts to the interviews list on my How to Find Me (And My Work) section, along with some good news. Drumroll please… I have a humorous fantasy short in a […]


  4. Alexis Noon says:

    Hey, I’m Alexis and I was wondering when your poem “A Willow Weeps for No One” was published. I’m doing a project for school on it with Feminism, and I would like to know all I can of this poem for school. If you could please, contact me. thank you very much.


    • Hi Alexis,

      How fantastic! “A Willow Weeps for No One” was published in the Fabulously Feminist e-zine on February 4th, 2015. I forget exactly when I wrote it, but it hung out in the ether of the notes on my phone for some time before it found its home at Fab Feminist. I tend to jot things down as they come to me and then rework them at some later date. I do remember that I wrote it under an actual tree (though not a willow). Hope that helps. Good luck with your project and thanks for reaching out!



  5. […] like answered or anything you’d like me to discuss, whether about me, my process, or any of my works, whether you want to know more about the actual history behind Beneath Blair Mountain, what […]


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