A Poem for Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

I wrote this one year ago today on Armistice Day. It’s been gathering metaphorical dust in the computer since, as my focus has been more on my health, other personal matters, and our current dystopia this year than poetry submissions. Thus, I decided I might as well share it here for you fine folks and what better day than today? I didn’t set out to write this poem. It just kind of tumbled out, likely after listening to “The Green Fields of France”, “Christmas in the Trenches”, and “Zombie” one too many times. (If you haven’t heard the modernized version of “Zombie” for the 21st century, go listen to it now.) Continue reading

Save the Wolves, Read Another Awesome Book


As some of you may remember, last year I was in a wolf-themed charity anthology called Wolf Warriors, alongside such heavy hitters as Catherynne M. Valente and David Clement-Davies. As described last year:

Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology is a wolf-themed charity anthology to raise money for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, which seeks to educate people about wolves and their importance, as well as advocating for their preservation. The anthology is chock-full of lupine art, fiction, flashfiction, and essays of all genres, so fantasy fans, nature/animal lovers, literary folks, non-fiction people, art enthusiasts, and all manner of readers can all find something to enjoy.


Continue reading

Poetry Circle: The Troll that Shakes the Barley

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In keeping with my last post about soda bread, here’s a poem that seemed fitting to share on such a holiday as this. This poem began quite randomly. A box of barley went missing in the apartment. Poof. Gone. I searched everywhere to no avail. As no one had eaten it and it’s not like someone would break in just to steal half a box of barley, I jokingly blamed the trolls. I’m a mythology major, I do that. Continue reading

A Poem and a Few Words

I don’t put a lot of my own writing on here, even though it’s a blog about writing, because many places consider works posted online to be previously published, thus making them ineligible for publication, unless the place in question takes reprints (usually at a lower pay). It’s a bit of a catch-22: share work and most places will no longer take it or don’t share it and it’s not helping you build a fanbase or giving people a look at what you actually do, think, and feel. I know artists with similar problems: sell your paintings and you don’t have them for your portfolio; don’t sell your paintings and you’re fighting over an old package of ramen noodles with the feral cat in the alleyway.

Thus, I have only shared works I have no immediate intentions of sending to short story or poetry markets. However, I recently wrote a poem about my grandfather, who has been in ailing health for some time. I wrote the poem earlier this week and my grandfather passed away this evening (I was fortunate enough to have written it just in time for him to hear). Continue reading