A few words on the anthology from David Clement-Davies.

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thurston2jthurstonI’ve said a lot about the cynicism of the publishing industry and a world made worse not better by the arrival of the Internet and Self Publishing, especially for those who love the culture of bookshops and for established authors too. But there are better stories than that and one is the work of Jonathan Thurston to gather together a special anthology of wolf stories, and artwork by the likes of award winner Lauren Strohacker, called appropriately Wolf Warriors, entirely out of his passion for those remarkable animals and for charity too. It is getting 5 stars at Amazon and thrilling reviews.

During the crowd funding campaign on Dragon In The Post I also wrote a short story for him, Fell’s Dream, that has never been published before and which is included in the anthology. I do hope it helps to bring interest and sales, especially at Christmas…

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Save Wolves, Read An Awesome Book


Cover design by Matt Cowan and Marshall Stevens. Wolf Warriors copyright Thurston Howl Publications.

Great news, internet! The anthology I’m in is out! Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology is a wolf-themed charity anthology to raise money for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, which seeks to educate people about wolves and their importance, as well as advocating for their preservation. The anthology is chock-full of lupine art, fiction, flashfiction, and essays of all genres, so fantasy fans, nature/animal lovers, literary folks, non-fiction people, art enthusiasts, and all manner of readers can all find something to enjoy.

The anthology also features stories by David Clement-Davies (author of The Sight, Fell, and Fire Bringer) and two-time Hugo Award winner Catherynne M. Valente (author of the Fairyland series)! I’m super stoked to be in an anthology with them and can’t wait til my copy arrives so I can read “Fell’s Dream” and “The Wolves of Brooklyn”. Continue reading