In-Betweens, Thin Veils, and a Ghost Story or Two


The infirmary at Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury NH, photo by Shannon Barnsley, October 2012.

“It was Gate Night, the night before All Hallows’ Eve. Distant memories of the old stories nagged at me. During All Hallows’ Eve the veil between the world of the living and the word beyond was lifted. Our world and their world all blurred together like ink running on a page in my old primer when we schoolgirls would try to run home in the rain, shrieking and splashing up mud all the way.”

– Shannon Barnsley, Beneath Blair Mountain Continue reading

Writing Prompt: State of Desire

Okay, folks. I have a writing prompt for you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with cheesy titles for romance novels taking place in your home state.

For example, I hail from the wintry north of New Hampshire, so here are my NH romance novel titles: Continue reading

Bards of the Shire Unite: NH Writers Week


From Dan Brown to Nathaniel Hawthorne to Tomie dePaola to Odds Bodkin, New Hampshire is home to all manner of great writers and storytellers. It’s also home to some great stories, no doubt a product of the state’s rich history; unique character; and scenery ranging from gorgeous fall foliage to desolate winter deathscapes that make everything from horror writers to poets to children’s book illustrators all feel right at home, whether they live here permanently or make NH their writer’s retreat getaway. Continue reading