The Biggest Little Birdy Told Me: Author Pam Jones talks magical realism, writing, and the 60s

Also originally posted on the Bound and Gagged Banned Books Blog, this interview I conducted with author and Hampshire alum Pam Jones gets into publishing, self-publishing, being a writing major, and the struggles of marketing a niche genre like magical realism or the in-between length that is the novella.

Bound and Gagged

Hello, readers! Once again, I bring you a post that isn’t about banned books. However, I have a real treat in store today: an interview with author Pam Jones! Her first book, The Biggest Little Bird, was published by Black Hill Press and released in December 2013. You can read my review of it here.

The magical realism novella is hard to describe and fascinating to discuss, so without further ado, I bring you a writer’s thoughts on the amusement park’s place in literature, reinvented histories, writing majors, the murky underbelly of a bygone era, and the rollercoaster ride that is getting a book published.

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Thy Magic Kingdom Come

This review of friend and fellow Hampshire alum Pam Jones’s magical realism novel was originally posted on Bound and Gagged, the banned books blog I run. However, it seemed relevant to share it here as well.

Bound and Gagged

The Biggest Little Bird Cover

We interrupt your regularly scheduled banned book programming to bring you this special non-banned-book review. Some of you may remember fellow Hampshire alum Pam Jones from my post back in October of 2012. Her book, formerly self-published as Every Good Boy Deserves a Favor under the name Pam Hopkins, has since been picked up by Black Hill Press.

The new Black Hill edition, now titled The Biggest Little Bird, was published December 2013. I sat down with it last week and was swept up in a whirlwind of nostalgically seedy surrealism with a dash of the bizarre and a scoop of astute glimpses into the nature of ambition, guilt, and the so-called-innocence of childhood. Pam Jones was kind enough to let me interview her about the book, so be sure to check that out after.

The Biggest Little Bird is a magical realism novella set in the early 60s…

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