NWU Editors Interview: Cait Gordon and Talia Johnson

Nothing Without Us

Nothing Without Us is an own-voices, multi-genre collection of short stories where the protagonists identify as disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or manage mental illness.

Nathan Fréchette, Publishing Director of Renaissance, interviews Cait “Pinky” Gordon and Talia “The Brain” Johnson, editors of the Nothing Without Us anthology this fall.

Story summary: In the beginning there was the Spoonies Author Network, then came the anthology

Watch now! Closed captions are available for this video.

Interview with Cait Gordon and Talia Johnson. Closed captions are available.

Please support our Kickstarter (April 1–April 30, 2019!)

Check out the rewards you can get for pledging to this anthology! We thank you for your support!

ID: Multi-coloured brick graffiti wall with Nothing Without Us spray-painted on it. The list of editors and authors is included in the text of this page.

Editors: Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson

With stories by:  Aus Bahadur, Carolyn…

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