Samhain: Summer’s End


Hope you all had a great Halloween, whether you partied, passed out candy, binged Stranger Things, went to a haunted house or a ghost tour, marched in a Halloween parade, danced in the grove, or spent a quiet night at home. And who says the fun has to be over? You can curl up with a spine-tingling tale of the ghostly and the Gothic long after all the candy has been eaten and the zombie make-up has been washed away. Halloween may be over, but the dark half of the year is here to stay and it brings with it no shortage of superstitions or the supernatural.

So take a moment to take stock of the proverbial year’s harvest and the winter to come. Allow yourself a moment to rest as the fields lay fallow and the trees are stripped bare, their seasonal regalia retired until next Autumn comes around. Allow your imagination to wander and your mind to be still as you contemplate the bounties reaped and hardships still to be weathered.

What have you gained and lost this year? Where would you like to focus your energies this winter, as the days grow shorter and our time ever more precious? There is a phrase: “Nothing in nature blooms all year.” So give yourself permission to breathe and take care of you (in whatever form your self-care may take) before the often hectic holiday season begins.

For those out there remembering their loved ones for Samhain or Día de los Muertos, my thoughts are with you. Blessed be.


A Samhain candle for my grandmother who passed last November. Army brat, Marine wife, teacher of many, nana of nine. May she find peace beyond the veil.

3 thoughts on “Samhain: Summer’s End

  1. With my novel getting closer to publication, this winter I hope to focus my energy on writing new books.

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