St. Paddy’s Day Fiction, Pagan Authors, and YOU.


Photo by Devyn Leone Photography

It’s Irish History Month and Women’s History Month, so come join an Irish American writer (who also happens to be a woman) talk historical fiction, Irish folklore, and whatever else you want to know. And it’s on Facebook. So you don’t even need pants.

This weekend I am participating in not one but two Facebook author takeovers, Tales of the Banshee: A Dark Twist on Saint Paddy’s Day and Pagan Fiction Authors Takeover. In both events I will have an hour slot to talk writing, my work, my characters, my experiences as a pagan author, my own dark twist on Irish American history/Irish folklore (Beneath Blair Mountain), or anything else that seems relevant.

On that note, is there anything you’d like to know? Any questions you’d like answered or anything you’d like me to discuss, whether about me, my process, or any of my works? I’m here to answer your burning questions, whether you want to know more about the actual history behind Beneath Blair Mountain, what inspires my poetry, or whatever became of that single mom raising a werewolf in “Blue Moon”.



One thought on “St. Paddy’s Day Fiction, Pagan Authors, and YOU.

  1. Wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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