National Tell a Fairytale Day

Apparently, it’s National Tell a Fairytale Day. I don’t know who decides these things, but Beneath Blair Mountain volunteers as tribute. While set in 1910s America, this book was inspired by Irish tales of the Sidhe and Icelandic tales of the elves/Huldufolk. At their roots, both of these traditions, like the fairytales canonized by the infamous Brothers Grimm, lean more horror than fantasy. Expect no Disney fare here.

So, if you want a fairytale that’s a bit more grown-up without losing the magic or mystery, Beneath Blair Mountain is the book for you. Read it in the garden by your fairy house or in a dingy, cobwebbed attic or anything in between. And, oh, hey, Irish History Month starts this week. How convenient…

3 thoughts on “National Tell a Fairytale Day

  1. I have my copy and I will get to it, eventually.


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