Routineology: Mythmaking, music, and minimized YouTube clips

2015-06-16 08.18.23This week I was featured on Black Hill Press’s Routineology, which offers glimpses into the writing processes and routine of various authors. If you want to know the method behind my madness or see that adorable Okapi Squishable’s reading list of awesome myth, folk, and fairytale books in a much more legible list format, you can read my Routineology here.

If you’re being noncommittal about clicking the link, here’s a snippet to peak your curiosity:

Whether my story is set in another world or a small New England town a rusty train track away from where I grew up, I try to immerse myself in the culture (and cultural anxieties) of the time and place. This involves a lot of listening to music. After I wrote a story about Irish American immigrants followed by another about an Appalachian girl, I was never again able to convince Pandora that I don’t actually love Bluegrass THAT much. The sacrifices we make for art…

Speaking of Appalachian girls and never being able to get “Man of Constant Sorrow” out of my head (it is in their like a Twilight Zone earwig), chapters 1-5 of my historical fiction/urban fantasy novella set in Edwardian Era New York, Boston, and Appalachia, are all up on JukePop. Feel free to read at your leisure, share it with your friends, like or comment, or spread the word to the far corners of the internet, should the spirit so move you.

Anyway, that’s all for now on the writerly front. Happy summer reading!

One thought on “Routineology: Mythmaking, music, and minimized YouTube clips

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    More news from the other blog. I’ve been featured on Black Hill Press’s Routineology project, which offers readers a glimpse into the creative process and writing routine of authors.


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