Need a Summer Getaway? Try Blair Mountain


Great news! I’m participating in the Summer Writing Project, a collaboration between JukePop, which is revitalizing the serial, and Black Hill Press, which publishes the long-neglected shortform that is the novella. What does this mean? Well, it means that you can read my novella, Beneath Blair Mountain, as I update it serially all summer.

The serial, once a very popular medium, offers the unique benefit of end-user feedback during the writing process, meaning readers can tell you that romance in chapter 2 sucks before it dominates the plot or that character in chapter 4 actually is the fan favorite by far, so more of them please? Thus, reader engagement and feedback are the lifeblood of the serial, so if you have the time to read a chapter or two and leave me a comment, I’d be much obliged. Reader engagement and +Votes also help determine the winners of the Summer Writing Project and the top three stories will be published by Black Hill Press. With our powers combined, we may just get Beneath Blair Mountain published.

What is Beneath Blair Mountain, you ask? It’s one part Urban Fantasy, one part Horror, and one part Historical Fiction. Inspired by the real life Battle of Blair Mountain, the current controversy over Blair Mountain’s fate, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, it tells the story of one girl trying to find her place in a changing America busy grappling with labor movements, immigration, and WWI. Beneath Blair Mountain draws on Appalachian culture, American history, and Irish fairy lore (think Icelandic ghost stories, not Tinkerbell), so there’s bound to be something for everyone. Want to know more? Here’s the Blurb:

All her life, Lara Rae Brecken has dreamed of Old Ireland and the world below, where the fey folk were exiled after the land above was taken. But in Logan County, West Virginia the only world below is the mine. The churches, the houses, even the police belong to the coal company. So, when Lara’s childhood friend, Barrow, starts going to union meetings, his family is thrown out of their home.
With nothing to lose, Lara and Barrow spend their last dime to get to New York City. But when Barrow leaves to fight in the World War and factory work turns out to be no better than the mine, Lara wonders if she’s escaped anything at all or just gone tumbling down an even darker underworld. Spirited away to Boston by an Irish rebel, it seems her luck may have finally improved. That is, until she finds herself face to face with the fey folk one cold October night.

The first three chapters are up now and I’ll be adding new installments regularly. What are you waiting for? Blair Mountain, ho!

4 thoughts on “Need a Summer Getaway? Try Blair Mountain

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    So, I know I’ve been terrible at posting to this blog and I really do intend to remedy that, but, in the meantime, I am keeping up with my other blog, Salt and Iron. Also, I’m happy to say that you can read my fiction for free all summer as a part of JukePop and Black Hill Press’s Summer Writing Project. So if Urban Fantasy, Horror, American history, Irish fairy lore, labor movements, immigration, and Appalachia are things that interest you, consider this your lucky day.


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