Writing Prompt: State of Desire

Okay, folks. I have a writing prompt for you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with cheesy titles for romance novels taking place in your home state.

For example, I hail from the wintry north of New Hampshire, so here are my NH romance novel titles:

– Snowmobiles at Sunset

I’d Tap That (you have to imagine a suggestive picture of a spile in a sugar maple on the cover)

Hard as Granite

Pumpkin Fest: En-gord-ged (too soon?)

The Old Man of the Mountin’ (still too soon?)

Lover in Laconia: Romance at the Race (there would be a cover with two people kissing at the finish line of the Laconia Dog Sled Derby)

Bankin’ on the Strawberry Blonde (Newly returned to his hometown of Portsmouth after years away, archaeologist Kevin Wright gets a job at Strawberry Bank. However, a fellow colleague and former flame has him digging up the past and trying to reconstruct a romance with the redheaded historian he once knew.)

Shaken not Stirred: A Canterbury Romance (Legitimately ashamed of this one. However, my love of puns knows no shame.)

Torrid Trails: Romance on the White Mountains (Suggestive snow shoes on the cover. Never thought you’d read that line, did you?)

Pat’s Peaks (Olympic skier Patricia Barton thought her marriage was golden, but after a divorce sends her life careening off-course, she falls head over heels for a sensitive children’s ski instructor)

– Long Pond (and just for extra cheese factor the male lead could be named Jason Pond)

Castle Docterin’ (After being in a near-fatal car collision with a moose and unable to reach the hospital in blizzard conditions, rugged park ranger Evan Castle is nursed to health by the single doctor who found him)

Anyway, you get the idea. And points if you get all of those puns. Now go forth and make your own. Let’s see what sordid cliches your state has to offer. Or your province or county if you live outside the US. And if you have mad skills you want to show off, you could always actually make the covers.

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: State of Desire

  1. Clara says:

    Diving down in the Daintree… Yes, you may keep it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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