LARPing off the Page

Harry Potter fans are making an actual school of wizardry in an actual gods damned castle. Holy crap, guys! “The Rose of Winter” is coming true!!! For those who don’t know, “The Rose of Winter” is my post-apocalyptic story about a bunch of LARPers and Renn Faire folk who decide to live off the grid in a full-scale, working re-creation of Vintergard, the castle in their favorite fantasy series. Nope, that name definitely isn’t remotely related to Winterfell. Not in the least.

Anyway, “The Rose of Winter” has been under consideration at Tor for some time and was sent up for a second read. Here’s hoping they publish it because between Doomsday Castle and this glorious bit of madness, it’s only a matter of time before “The Rose of Winter” comes true.


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