At Dawn We Ride. Er, Submit.

Well, I did it. I submitted a book. Not The Book but a book. Well, technically a novella, but, if published, it would be in book format. With cover art. And an ISBN number. Book! Book I say! It still feels all weird and new and tingly and nervous-like. But I’ll stop carrying on like a literary Tom Cruise and get down off my couch of bookish novelty. Or novella-ty, as it were. Anyway, here’s the blurb for it. Wish me luck.

“Set decades after a foiled alien invasion, war hero turned propaganda poster child Will Castle has been burying his ghosts in alcohol and isolation. However, when reporter Eva Snow confronts him about Project Avalon, the child soldier program that is his legacy, nothing can stay buried. With one informant dead already and veterans disappearing before they can talk, the two must track down one such ghost and expose the truth.

‘Feed the Eagle’ is a deconstruction of the child hero trope that pervades speculative fiction and a meditation on modern warfare, trauma, and civilian complacency.”

I usually put submissions out of my mind completely, but this one is not letting me. It’s an actual publishing company for actual books (see above), not a magazine or anthology and Feed the Eagle was intensely cathartic/emotionally and physically exhausting to write. I know all authors say that and it’s annoying when they do, but when I get really into the zone I forget to eat because I don’t notice getting hungry and my blood sugar and blood pressure currently have a suicide pact. Writing Feed the Eagle was one 48-hour write-a-thon zone. This story also got my heart racing and I’m bad at getting my heart to chill once it does since Tachycardia is the clingy friend who just doesn’t take a hint. Anyway, I know this is totally scattered and rambly, but the point is I’m excited and I hope Feed the Eagle gets published because I want so much to share it with all of you. *runs around flailing arms and trying to fangirl about characters no one else knows or cares about*


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