Stone Soup #2: Greek Green Goddess Soup

Over the holidays I obtained a crockpot. Remember that awesome feeling when you were a kid and you got that awesome thing that made everything aweseome forever? I am not afraid to admit that’s how I feel about this crockpot. As I said in the last Stone Soup, I like making soup because it is a healthy way to get salt and veggies and I can hoard it like a dragon playing disability roulette and not worrry about making food on days when standing is hard. However, when making soup on the stovetop, I usually end up on the kitchen floor approximately 1-3 times. The crockpot allows me to throw everything in (just when I would normally have to take a break anyway) and not deal with food again for several hours. I have tried several recipes so far with varying sucess, but thought I would share one with you guys, since I have been bad at blog lately and everyone likes tasty food (also soup is really adaptable for picky eaters, allergies, and dietary restrictions). This weekend I tried a modified version of this recipe for Slow Cooker Vegetarian Greek Lentil Soup with Tomatoes, Spinach, and Feta. I nixed the tomatoes because I’m not a friend to nightshades, added some carrots, used fresh thyme instead of dried, and used two leeks instead of an onion and celery. This recipe also doesn’t call for salt, which just seems weird to me, so I remedied that with a tsp of Hawaiian sea salt, half a tsp of sea salt with iodine, and half a tsp of Fleur de Sel de l’Ile de Re sea salt. I usually salt individual portions with extra salt later so as not to kill my boyfriend, but this one seemed salty enough as is, though on bad days I threw in an extra 1/8 tsp to give me a boost. Between the salt, the broth, and the feta, this is quite a sodium-ful dish and veggies and greens are something I’m always trying to get more of. SoupI think in the future I might use both kale and spinach, but we’ll see. I dub the results Greek Green Goddess Soup and will definitely be making this again. It reminded me of the lentil soup my mom used to stock me up with when I was living in Northampton, which is one of a handful of actually good memories from that time. I ate that soup a lot because the publishing company I worked for (also one of the few good memories) was staffed almost entirely by vegetarians, and the one meat eater I was aware of was the kind of guy on a first name basis with his food. I felt the need to up the health level of my lunch to fit in and so lentil soup became my new staple. Mayhaps, with this recipe, it will again. This soup is gluten-free and can easily be vegetarian or vegan if you use veggie broth or kelp stock instead of chicken broth. The feta is put on after, so if you have a vegan or a lactose intolerant person on your hands, as I do, not to worry. You can also get creative with the leftovers. I had the soup on its own, with tacquitos to dip, with cheese cubes instead of feta, and paired with a grilled cheese. Anyway, I hope you like the recipe. If you have any soup or salty non-soup recipes, do feel free to share. Eating a high salt diet intentionally for your health is a weirdly hard challenge, so tips are always appreciated. Until next time, my friends. Waes hael.

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